Video Interaction Guidance

Video Interaction GuidanceTM is an intervention through which a practitioner aims to enhance communication within relationships . It works by engaging clients actively in a process of change towards realizing their own hopes for a better future in their relationships with others who are important to them. Guiders are themselves guided by the values and beliefs around respect and empowerment.

VIG can be a powerful tool to support school staff to reflect on what they are doing well in teaching or working with individuals or groups of children.  It can also be used with parents or carers to improve relationships with their children.  Using video to identify and discuss what is going well can build strengths and confidence, enhance relationships and improve outcomes for children and young people.

Claire Leslie in our team is an accredited VIG supervisor and the rest of the team have undertaken training in VIG and can use with Claire’s supervision.

Please visit AVIG UK for more information about VIG or contact your EP if you are interested in exploring further.