Dyslexia Procedures

If you have concerns about the literacy of a pupil you work with, please follow the Angus Council Dyslexia Procedures.  You can access a short presentation about the Procedures here, and a leaflet for parents and carers here.

Paperwork from the Dyslexia Procedures

If you are familiar with the Procedures and are looking for the paperwork, please find the relevant checklists and other documents below.  If you have concerns about the literacy of a learner and aren’t sure which checklists to complete or what to do, please refer to the Dyslexia Procedures above and speak to a colleague.


Helpful resources

The Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit is a free resource which provides information for teachers, schools and local authorities on inclusive practice, literacy difficulties and dyslexia

The CALL Scotland website has a section about dyslexia.  CALL (Communication, Access, Literacy and Learning) Scotland help children and young people to overcome disability and barriers to learning created by their environment.  The dyslexia section has a lot of information about how to assess difficulties and use technology to improve access to literacy.

The Dyslexia Scotland website has a range of resources for children, parents and teachers