Community Week

Last week we had Community Week. P4’s task was to tackle parking in and around the school. We took a survey of the school to find out how many children were driven to school and then examined the problem with having so many cars parking at school. Our message is ‘ Think before you park!’ We wrote persuasive arguments, to persuade drivers to think before they park. Here is Jessica’s below.

It Stops Now!

Parking at Fernielea School has become a problem. There have been complaints about parking in the school car park. The problem is that people don’t think before they park.

At first NO PARKING IN THE SCHOOL CAR PARK! That is because at 9:00am and 3:00pm, especially there are a lot of children so if you’re trying to get in or out of the school car park you might not see a child and the child could get run over or badly hurt and end up in hospital.

Secondly if you want to help our community you can do that by NOT PARKING ON PEOPLE’S DRIVE WAYS! How would you feel if people parked on your drive way? It is important not to park or even wait on the zig-zag school keep clear markings.

You could have a nice walk to school, instead or you could learn about nature or talk to your friends or family during the walk. It is healthy for children to walk and it’s also daily exercise.


So please think before you park


By Jessica, P4


Google Classroom

Last week the P6s taught us how to use Google Classroom and today we tried it out for ourselves. We were set an assignment to research the author, Jeremy Strong. We then had to complete a document on Google Classroom, recording our research. We are looking forward to doing more learning through Google Classroom.


P4 have been learning all about algorithms. Last week we had to create an algorithm, to draw the shape of a numeral and then program and debug a Bee-Bot to follow our algorithms.

RGU Sports

For the last three weeks P4 have been working with students from RGU. They have been developing their skills in hockey, rugby and basketball. They have learnt how to pass a rugby ball correctly, dribble the ball under control and many other skills.

Here are some photos of them in action!

Term 4 Newsletter

Welcome to term 4! Attached is P4’s newsletter. Please have a read and find out what we will be learning this term.

April 2017

Mrs Torrens

Noughts and Crosses Spelling

Today we tested each other on our spelling words using the game Noughts and Crosses. If you correctly spell the word, you add a nought or a cross to the board. The Blue spelling group played Noughts and Crosses with dictated sentences. Hopefully we will get 6/6 in our spelling quiz on Friday!

World of Work Week

P4 have had a great week with lots of visitors! We have had visits from Gill, who is a midwife, Lynn, who is a nurse, Keiran, who is a football coach and Derek, who is a deputy manager at Nolan Seafoods. We have learnt about what each job entails and the different skills needed. We have learnt that Maths is part of a lot of jobs and good communication skills. We even got to see fish, learn how to find our pulse and  listen to one our classmate’s heart on a sonic aid. Thank you to all our visitors for coming in and for answering our many questions!

A Viking Feast

On Wednesday we celebrated the end of our Viking topic by having a Viking feast, planned and researched by the P4s. We ate food that would have been available to the Vikings and we told sagas and sang Viking songs. We had a great afternoon!

P4’s Viking Assembly

On Friday 24th of February, P4 did an assembly about the Vikings. In the assembly there were two daughters, two sons, Viking men, Viking women, monks, listeners and saga tellers. It all starts when a father tells his sons, “Well my sons, say goodbye to your sisters, life will NEVER be the same again!” The father is taking his sons a-Viking. The two sons were happy but the two sisters weren’t happy. The Vikings sailed on a longship to Lindisfarne to raid for the first time. After the raid, they enjoyed themselves by listening to stories told by saga tellers by the fire. After the stories the Viking woman chatted about their lives. “I hate doing all the work,” said one. “I agree,” said another, “but I like being in charge of the money.” After that some different Vikings told us some facts about Vikings and words we still use today for place names. To finish the show we did a song called You Can’t Forget About the Vikings.

Written by Kasey and Cielo



A Viking in Disguise!

On Wednesday afternoon a Viking came to Fernielea School! He showed us some cool Viking artefacts and he also brought some animal fur. There were games made out of wood and animal bones, shields, a Viking helmet, a sword, axe and armour.

He told us how Vikings lived and their different jobs. It was fantastic! He also told us all the different names of the Viking gods: Odin, Frey, Freya, Thor and Loki. Odin is Thor’s father and some say Thor and Loki are brothers. In the days of the Vikings, Wednesday was known as Odin’s day , Thursday was known as Thor’s day and Friday was known as Frey’s day.

By Jessica and Lewis.

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