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P3/4 Learning Activities – Tuesday 24th March

Good morning and welcome to day 2 of remote learning!

Normally we start a Tuesday morning with PE so why not try joining Joe Wicks for his daily 30 minute PE session.  It’s good exercise, great fun and the whole family can join in! Click on the link below to access his youtube channel – it can be done at any time of the day:

You could also try busting some dance moves on Go Noodle!

Feel free to send me any video clips on Dojo or by email!

  • Choose a different spelling activity from the Spelling Menu to help you learn this week’s spelling words:

  • Alphabetical Order : We have been learning to order words alphabetically using first and second letter. Here are a couple of games you can try:

Education City: Hu-La-La game (Log in to Education City and you will find this game in the P3/4 Literacy Folder)

Fancy a Challenge? Create an Animal Alphabet! Can you think of an animal for each letter of the alphabet? You could write, draw or do both for each letter!

  • Spend 10-15 minutes working on this week’s Big Maths CLIC targets

Image result for clocks

  • We have been working on time in class. Here are links  to a couple of games you can try – there are different levels to choose from and challenge yourself with!

There are also Time Games on your Education City to choose from!

Have a great day! 



Learning Activites for P3/4 – Monday 23rd March

Welcome to our first day of remote learning!

Here are our Big Maths CLIC Targets for this week :

C – I can count in 4s.

L – Near Double Facts  5 + 4 = 9     5 + 6 = 11     6 + 7 = 13

I – I can double 2 digit multiples of 10. (e.g. 40 + 40 = 80)

C – I can add a 2 digit tens number to another one (e.g 30 + 20 = 50)

Try working on them for 15 minutes each day!


This week’s spelling sounds are: Rubies (o-e)    Sapphires (ir)  Diamonds (Silent c)

Here are our spelling lists for this week. Please click on the image to see the full list of words.

You can write your words as normal in your spelling homework book and perhaps you might like to try one of the spelling activities from the grid below:

  • Let’s brush up on our 4 x table facts by getting active and singing along !

  • Play Hit the Button to speed up the recall of your 4 x table facts.  Record your highest score for Hit the Answer and Hit the Question. Squares you can also try dividing by 4 on here too.

  • Find the multiples for x 4


Finally, why not relax and enjoy a story today! Audible books are offering free audio stories online whilst schools are closed.


Have a great day!



Mark Bush Court

Our P3 children were busy this week making some new friends as we further developed our community links with a visit to Mark Bush Court. We were made so welcome and had lots of fun taking part in an arts and crafts session with the residents. The children certainly put a smile on a lot of faces and it was lovely to hear the conversations between the generations! We were so proud of our little superstars!


It’s hard to believe that we’re this far into the first term already! It’s been a busy first few weeks but finally we’ve got round to getting our Class Blog up and running! We will aim to update the blog regularly to show you the exciting things which have been happening in P3/4! 😃