Dunyvaig Castle

On the 20th of August P6/7 went to Dunyvaig castle. First we got our water proofs and welly boots and got on the bus to the castle up at Laguvulin. We stopped at the path and walked down a hill where we saw the castle. At the end of the hill there was a big grass hill that was slippery but luckily nobody fell. When we went down we met Darko Markovic who gave us a tour. He showed us a big rock with a hole that someone carved. We all tried to find out what it was some people thought it was to wash their hands.

After that a girl called Lauren showed us some artefacts they have found while digging; they found glass, a smoking pipe, a musket bullet, some bones and a cannonball, which was very interesting. Then we split up and went to different trenches; my group went to the sea gate trench and we had to scrape off crumbs of dirt to make the dirt nice and smooth. You could see lots of different Colors. After that we walked up the hill then the bus came and we went all the way back to school.