Our Trip to Dunyvaig castle

Firstly we were going into school to get ready for Dunyvaig.  We got waterproofs on and then hopped on the bus and went to Dunyvaig. It couldn’t get to the exact location so we had to walk the rest of the way there. Then when we were there a person showed us the castle in Dunyvaig which was built a few hundred years ago. Then in about 300 years it got bombed so now it is a ruin which looks quite cool but you can’t get in it because it is dangerous. But then later then someone showed us some things that they used in that time. The person showed us all the artefacts that they found in Dunyvaig.  They looked old and as well they showed us a huge old cannon ball. It was fired at the war at Dunyvaig which was destroyed in the war and they showed us little things in a bag so it doesn’t break.

And then they showed us the castle but we couldn’t go in it.  The castle had windows a door and even a sea gate where the fish were bought in to the other side of the castle.  There were people transporting things from other countries to trade them for something from Dunyvaig.  And then we had a break and then we started digging for things and I tried to dig and dig. And then I dug even more and more so then my arms would get tried but I kept going but all I found was stones and moss. I had no luck but I was still going then I actually though that they would be a landslide so did the people near me.  And then eventually we had to go back to school so we had to walk up a hill. I felt quite tired going up the hill and at the top the bus was there and we went back to school and had lunch.