Despite the warm temperatures over the last month, autumn food seems to have arrived in the department. S2 have been developing soup making skills and are now starting to make bread. After making a variety of soups the most popular choice was very clearly chicken noodle.S3 have very competently made spaghetti bolognese and cottage pies, with beautiful seasonal poached pears. As S3 teachers have been telling classes they can now make the dinner!Nat 4 hospitality have just made delicious apple strudels as part of European Languages Day. A huge thank you for our generous donation of apples from Peninver. Steamed puddings, broccoli bakes and macaroni cheese have all been carefully made and garnished as pupils have been progressing through their skills checklist.Health and Food technology students have been busy designing and making low fat dishes for people with heart disease. A   colourful variety of dishes from healthy soups and stir-fries to chicken pies were produced.

E-Portfolio tag: Health and wellbeing