Dec 042011

As part of our technologies project we decided to produce calendars for the school fair using Adobe Photoshop. This program not only will edit photos and backgrounds for interesting effects, but will also allow you to put them in a format like a calendar.
Initially we learned how calendars are set up in maths, then used our knowledge to create our own calendar month. To do this we had to learn how to create tables in Word, and used Wolfram Alpha, a computational search engine, to tell us on which day our month started next year. Those doing February had to remember next year is a leap year. Some clever person in the class had the idea of making the calendars bilingual, so we then found the Gaelic and used it in our tables.
The artwork required backgrounds for each month, designed and drawn by the children, then photographed. We took advantage of costumes from the panto to dress up and act out scenes for our backgrounds against a white board, taking photos.
After preparing the photos they were imported into Adobe Photoshop, where they were used to create layers. The magic wand tool was then used to remove the white background from the photos of the children and put them against their hand drawn backdrops. Text was added, and the calendar put together and printed. The result was fabulous and sold really well at the Christmas Fair.

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