Jan 312012

We are going to try and take pat in this years junior saltire competition, which is to design a wave powered electricity generator.  Here are some commercial examples of wave power generation to start off with.
Limpet Animation



Here is a diagram of the Islay LIMPET wave powered generato.

Link here for ocean wave energy.

Wave power great video for ideas.

Nov 252011

Port Ellen Science club kicked off this term with a building session using Knex, Lego and Quadro to build a vehicle of some type. Great designs, and an opportunity to see how different materials require different approaches.
Next a collective decision was made to try the Crest science activities from Einsteins Birthday Party Pack, a trial set from the British Science Association. These were great, and involved lots of balloon based experiments, Ewan’s group managed to put a pin in a balloon without bursting it and Anwen was able to use a balloon to move water without touching it.
Next week groups worked in teams to make a balloon powered rocket to carry an item across the room. There were some difficulties with friction and direction though!
Finally we had a science quiz to test the teams knowledge of all aspects of science, the chemists were the winners by a narrow margin.

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