On Thursday 4 December the school’s annual Art and Design exhibition opened in the Doon Valley Museum in Dalmellington. This was a showcase of senior students work ranging from still life, portraiture, photography, textile and millinery designs. The event was well attended by pupils, parents, staff and the wider community.

Walking into the Art Department at Doon Academy is like wandering into a dream. The creativity and imagination of our pupils is clear to see and displayed in a variety of ways ranging from line drawings and portraits through to work with textiles and sculpture.
We are incredibly proud of the creativity that is nurtured by our colleagues in Art and the results (as you can see) are truly exceptional. However, great Art requires an audience and we are grateful that you have taken the time to come and see the work that our young people are producing.
A very clever person (and artist) called Paul Klee once said that a drawing starts off simply as a line going for a walk. When you look at the accomplishments of our pupils it is hard to imagine that such simple initial steps have resulted in the wonderful creations that are on show in this exhibition.
Well done to all pupils who have contributed.
And thanks again for your support in coming along to see the results.

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for coming to view the exhibition. I am sure you will agree we have a very talented group of pupils and the work looks fantastic!
At the moment we have an exceptionally busy department! We have been working with various Artists and Designers from weavers, designers, sculptors, printmakers and painters. The department has taken part in various competitions, trips and excursions to view exhibitions and to learn new Art and Design skills, techniques and crafts.
Lastly, I would like to thank the following people: Elaine Mackie, Helen Duncan and the Creative Minds Team for their help, support and funding, Mrs Allen, everyone that donated raffle prizes, Mr Orr, our pupils for helping this evening, Mrs Robb and of course our Head Teacher Mr Reilly for his help and support. Above all a huge thank you to our fantastic pupils – without them we would not have this exhibition!

I would like to say a big well done to all pupils and thank you for all your hard work in producing beautiful creative artworks. I have been lucky enough to work alongside Miss Fuller, classroom assistants and various artists and designers to teach interesting inspiring and exciting lessons and allow pupils to realise their creative potential. Thank you also to the Doon Valley community for all your support with the Doon Academy Knit Along.

On Thursday 11th December the Doon Valley community braved the cold and snow to enjoy a fun evening as staff and pupils put on their dancing shoes once again for the Doon Strictly Come Dancing extravaganza! This year saw six couples competing hard for the sparkling silver trophy as they were put through their paces by the judging panel – the Senior Management Team and two students, Colin MacDonald and Shania Brown. The competition was close with all pairs scoring high. The eventual winners were Nicky Fairbairn and Paul Jamieson for their smooth synchronised moves.

There was also a variety of musical performances this year including the Junior Vocal Group sweetly serenading us with Christmas tunes, the staff choir’s lively rendition of the Grease Medley, Robyn McCluskey’s stunning cover of Thinking Out Loud and Emma Blain and Olivia McCutcheon’s beautiful arrangement of Let It Snow. The night was rounded off with a sing-along of Let it Go led by Miss Rodger, Amy Luff and Nicky Fairbairn.

The event was organised by the fundraising committee who managed to raise a staggering £506.95 on the evening!

Click here to see the winning dance!

Below is the document listing the 2014 prelim dates and times for all subjects

2015 prelims dates & times pupils

S1 have recently completed a group project on the Black Death. Groups had the choice of how to present their project some examples were posters, PowerPoint’s and board games. Each group worked really hard and came up with some informative presentations and games. Mrs Elder was given the difficult task of judging the projects and deciding on a winner. In the end she chose Black Death Monopoly designed by Harriet, Jessica, Ellie and Dean, a close runner-up was the Wheel of Misfortune by Jade, Jamie, Jodie and Leighton. The winners each received a Golden Happygram!

the winning game

second place game

On Sunday 7 December, Team Flawless attended a Xmas Fayre hosted by Ambition, Irvine Royal Academy’s Young Enterprise company. Elleis Peters, Carla Strachan and Shania Brown accompanied Mrs Allen to this event where they set up their stall to sell their Xmas decorations made in school, bling lanyards and costume jewellery. Lots of festive fun was had by all as can be seen by the pictures from the day. Well done to the girls for representing Doon Academy at this event.

On Tuesday 2nd December PC Hurren and Mr Lowe took a group of senior pupils; Halle Fitzsimmons, Nicky Fairbairn, Paul Jamieson and Patrick Gilmore away to Auchinleck community centre in order to give a talk to dignitaries and, pupils from all over East Ayrshire about a violence prevention programme called Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP).
The Mentors in Violence Prevention model is a gender violence, bullying, and school violence prevention approach that encourages young men and women from all socioeconomic, racial and ethnic backgrounds to take on leadership roles in their schools and communities.
The training is focused on an innovative ‘bystander’ model that empowers each student to take an active role in promoting a positive school climate. The heart of the training consists of role-plays intended to allow students to construct and practice viable options in response to incidents of harassment, abuse, or violence before, during, or after the fact.

Students learn that there is not simply ‘one way’ to confront violence, but that each individual can learn valuable skills to build their personal resolve and to act when faced with difficult or threatening life situations.
MVP is a programme that is used by the Scottish Police Service as well as the Australian Army among others and, the Scottish government is keen that all Scottish schools adopt this programme. East Ayrshire Council have taken the lead on this and encouraged all the secondary schools in the local authority area to roll out MVP within their schools.
Doon Academy was the first of the schools in the local authority area to adopt the programme. We here at Doon are in our third year of delivering MVP now and as so were invited to attend the seminar at Auchinleck and to deliver an MVP session to pupils from the other schools in the area and the Scottish coordinator of MVP, Chief Inspector Graham Goulding, as well as a host of East Ayrshire Council staff and Provost Jim Todd! All of whom were mightily impressed.
Halle, Nicky, Paul and Patrick gave a professional and highly informative seminar introducing the selected pupils from East Ayrshire’s schools to MVP and showing exactly what will be required of them as they take the lead in rolling out MVP in their schools. A special thanks should go to PC Hurren for his tireless work on the MVP project at Doon which helped our boys and girls show all the schools of East Ayrshire exactly how good Doon can be! Congratulations all round.

On Thursday, Geography pupils participated in workshops delivered by Geobus. S2 pupils took part in an Earthquakes workshop since they are currently studying Natural Hazards. Pupils learned more about different types of shockwaves and seismograms by creating their own earthquake! They were then set a challenge of building a structure which could withstand an earthquake which was then tested using an earthquake simulator. The winning team in 2E was Ben Willis, Cameron Peters, Connar Meechan and James Fitzsimmons while in 2A Kerri Robertson, Ashleigh McKinstray, Codie James and Komal Sandhu designed the most earthquake proof building. Pupils studying Geography in S3-6 participated in a Climate Change workshop where there learned more about Scotland’s geological past. They had the opportunity to analyse different rocks to produce evidence that Scotland’s climate has changed naturally over time. Thanks to Geobus and to all who participated.

We looked like we had been rolling about in the mud for days, the bikes were even worse. However shining through the mud splattered faces was the smiles of satisfaction. The mountain bike team had spent their Sunday afternoon ripping up some local trails. This was an initial outing to record distances and terrain for the future bike trail media page being produced by the school and supported by Cycling Scotland.

The group climbed past Chalmerston woods and picked up a farmers trail dropping fast down to the Scottish coal site where further exploration was undertaken to log some of the woodland trails. From here we crossed the Cumnock road and following the fence-line headed through open field, with a bit of a struggled through some heavily rutted tracks. Only once did the difficulty level send one of the team off their bikes – video evidence is available if you require.

This term in Early Education and Childcare we have been working on a Care of Children unit. We have been working with virtual babies to practice skills such as changing nappies, bathing, choosing appropriate clothing and preparing bottle feeds. This has taught us how to meet the needs of a young baby and think about the role of the adult. We are hoping to programme the babies soon so that we can take them home for the weekend and experience what it would be like to have a real baby!

By Nicole Cuthill, Chloe Halliday and Kayley Hancox

As part of the Personal Development course pupils had to raise money for a charity of their choice. Robyn McCluskey and Nicky Fairbairn chose to host a treasure hunt for Marie Curie Cancer Care. The treasure hunt was attended by S1-S3 students who were put into 6 groups. All groups were then given their first riddle and sent on their way led by seniors! The groups followed clues around the school eventually ending at Mr Reilly’s office where they were given the final riddle. Only one could win the big prize. The pupils had great fun! The treasure hunt was a great success with almost £60 raised.

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