My World of Work for parents

This resource brings together all the course, job and career-related information parents need to support their child as they go through school and make choices about their future. Whether their child is making their subject choices, getting their exam results or leaving school, there are advice articles, tools and videos to help every step of the way.

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S6 Leadership

Twenty five S6 pupils spent the day on Monday participating in Leadership activities. The S6 pupils will now deliver these activities to S1 pupils in PSE and outdoors in local woodland. At the end of the project the pupils will complete the second unit of their SQA Higher Leadership Award.

Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Donor

All S5 and S6 pupils attended an assembly on Friday 29th August about becoming an Anthony Nolan bone marrow donor. Application forms to join the register are available from Mrs Fisher in the Social Subjects department. the donor day will take place on Friday 12th September; those interested should complete the application form and book an appointment with Mrs Fisher in advance.

For more information please click on this link Anthony Nolan Trust

Grant Award

We are delighted to announce that The Big Lottery fund “Awards for All” have given the PE department a grant which aims to promote girls in PE. £7500 will be used to purchase new gymnastics material, improve the dance studio and introduce aqua aerobics. The money will also be used to train twelve pupils who recently took part in the YDance active workshop to Level 1 in Dance leadership.

Badminton Blog – Taipei

An amazing end to an amazing week at the ISF World Badminton tournament with Scotland winning the FairPlay Award.

Cara and Tammi lost to a top ranked Chinese pair, 21-13, 21-19.

The girls pushed the Brazilians right to the end but unfortunately lost 4-1.

The Scotland team had there practice session in one of three halls with 8 courts.

Scotland took part in the Opening Ceremony with 12 countries.

First match day was against Bulgaria and Sweden, 10 games playes. Tough opponents.

Saltire Awards

Seventy nine S6 pupils gained a Saltire Award for Volunteering carried out both in and out of school.  The volunteering included peer mentoring in PLP and in subject classes for younger pupils and work done supporting the production of information leaflets for the Cumnock blind club.

 6 pupils gained a 25 hour award

56 pupils gained a 50 hour award 

Urooj Ahmed, Kerr Armstrong, Jordan Curtis, Hazel Graham, Alison Harrigan, Rachael Howie, Callum MacMillan, Shannon Meiklem, Rabia Nasir, Kevin Weir all gained a 100 hour award, an outstanding effort involving a range of volunteering both in the community and across the school.

Urooj Ahmed was also awarded a Summit Award for outstanding achievement through her contributions to volunteering.