Welcome to Word Boost!

What are BOOST words and where do they come from?

BOOST words are good words for helping your child with their talking, listening and later with their reading and writing skills. The BOOST words are more ‘grown up words’ and they are chosen from the story books we read.

BOOST words help children to explain their own ideas and thoughts better when they are talking and learning to read.

How do we teach the words at nursery?

We first read the story. The words we want to teach the children are in the story and as we read the story we pick out the BOOST words and talk about the meanings after we have read the story. We use the words lots of times because this is how children learn and the repetition helps children to remember the words and their meanings.

Word BOOST is a 2 weekly programme, in the first week we read and become familiar with the story and the 4 words identified as BOOST words, in the second week we do activities about the story to help us remember the story and the BOOST words.

At home you can support your child by practicing the words and using them in your everyday play and chat. If your child is participating in the word BOOST programme you will have seen Mrs Glidden’s introduction video on your childs Learners Journal.

Week One – 6th September 2021:

This week we have been reading ‘The selfish Crocodile’ story. Please see the link below:


Information Page with BOOST words

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We hope you enjoy Word BOOST!

Biodiversity at Knightsridge Early Years Centre


We had “newbies” join our nursery family in April.  This sparked unwavering interest and learning in the minibeasts that could be found around our garden.

Have a look at our learning below.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Our youngest learners priority this term has to clean up our community.

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Going to School PEEP

As part of our Transition to School activities we will be offering a 4 week block of Going to School PEEP.

PEEP is an interactive parent and child group that can give parents/carers tools to support their child in early learning experiences. These groups will guide you through activities and experiences that will support your child’s development in early language and vocabulary skills,  literacy and writing skills, developing mathematical knowledge and number sense, as well as routines and independence for joining Primary 1.

These groups will be held virtually through Skype and therefore a device that is internet enabled would be required.

You can sign up to attend following the links below.