Road Safety Week – 23rd – 27th November

Last week we were out and about practicing our Road Safety Skills.ย  We are learning lots of new vocabulary related to our community as well as developing our road sense.

Have a look at our learning.

Pre-School PEEP Learning Together Group

Our Pre-School PEEP Groups will be recommencing in December 2020.

These groups will support and prepare your young learner for starting school in August 2021. We would be grateful if you could indicate your availability to attend by completing the attached survey.

The survey link can be found on our PEEP page.

The survey link has previously been sent via Group Call Email.

Friday 2nd October 2020

We have started reading our WordBoost stories again.ย  Our Wordboost stories are a programme of books that are aimed at developing language and vocabulary in young children.

Our first story is “The Selfish Crocodile”

The Boost Words we are learning

  • Astonished
  • Brave
  • Creep
  • Creatures

Each week each pre-school aged child will receive a sticker with a QR code to scan and listen to the story on our Youtube Channel.