Last term Wilma retired. Wilma was our longest member of staff we have ever had. She was here for 16 years but luckily she is still coming in to help out from time to time. Throughout her 16 years of working here she has helped us to read and write, sing and dance and knit.For Wilma leaving we made up a song to sing and we made up a book of memories. Wilma has taught most of Yell how to knit as she is the knitting master. Wilma is in all our dream teams (ideal staff) and she still will be even though she’s gone.
Here are some comments from the pupils…

Wilma helps us when we are stuck.
Wilma is helpful.
Wilma is a legend!

here are the song lyrics tune ( if your happy and you know it)

Wilma thank you for everything you’ve done.

You’ve worked hard and made learning fun

You’ve knitted, baked and dug to give us the learning bug

We will miss you dream team Wilma – No. 1

There is nobody else quite like you

Our graduation books – you’ve made a few

Coffee mornings, concerts, shows

The garden – barrows, spades and hoes

We’ve been hard work but you’ve pulled through

There was class moves and motor group for skills

There was earthquake days and treks over the hills

Memories over the years

Now we hope they’re happy tears

As you remember all the laughs and funs and thrills.

We have learned to stay calm and have fun

We know to stay the course until the work is done

From all the boys and lasses we will miss ‘Where’s my glasses?’

All the best dream team Wilma No.1

From the best school in the world Cullivoe

Wilma this is your last and final show

Come on up and take a bow and we will tell you how

Much we love you and we’ll miss you when you go.

By Jasmine Lawson

img_3236 img_3283

Our J.R.S.O group

At our school we have a J.R.S.O group that is p6, it is a group that try to keep the school as safe as possible on roads and near traffic. These past few terms we have been working on different projects like this term we are working on a bit of everything: being seen in the dark, riding a bike safely and much more. 😀 We asked the two police officers about the laws and we ask them some questions and tips about being safe. Elaine Skinnly came and gave us new stuff to use to help us keep everybody safe and give them more knowledge on how to be to be safe on the roads. We are reading the Zigi books to p1,2 and 3 we are through a few books they are really enjoying them. The Zigi books is an fun way to teach they younger ones. It is almost time for p6 to hand over the job of J.R.S.O to the p5s but only when the summer holidays start.

Rights Respecting School


This afternoon four pupils, Calum Graham, Ben Lawson, Ruby Lawson and Monica Dickie had a skype interview.  They showed an RRSA officer around the school and answered difficult questions.  They did very well!

We are very excited about receiving this award!

Trip to Breckon Farm

We went to James O’Breckon’s farm yesterday.  Here are some of our stories about what we learned.IMG_5981

“James had the cows in separate sheds.  One had the cows that had not had calves and the cows that had calves were in the other shed.  James went in the pen with the bull!”

B y Dean Henderson, P3



“James kept the lambs in with their mums until they got stronger.  If he put the lambs out in the field when they were first born they would die because they might not be warm enough.”

By Abbie Henderson, P3




“On Thursday we went to Breckon croft.  We saw all of their animals.  We saw cows, calves, sheep and lambs.  First we saw the cows and calves.  The cows on one side had already had calves.  On the otherside were the ones that still needed to have a calf.  They were on a diet, they did not have as much to eat.

Next we saw the sheep and lambs.  We went to the sheep pen, there was 200 sheep and lambs in the park. James said that they had over 700 hill sheep.  Breckon has one caddie lamb but they think they have found a mum for it.”

By Jasmine Lawson, P4



“We went to Breckon farm.  We went to see the sheep and the cows.  We saw baby lambs and a baby cow.  The sheep have four udders to feed the lambs.  The cows on the right had calves with them and the cows on the left had no calves yet.

We saw the New Holland which is a tractor.  It was a T6.”

By Ben Saunders, P6



Garden Night

Last night we started work on our Garden. We were lucky to get such a nice night! Our parents came to help us. We rotated the vegetable patch, weeded the flower beds and widened our picnic area. We also rearranged the poly tunnel. We are looking forward to planting our seeds for this summer in the next few weeks!










New Life

We went on a walk to North Brough. When we went there then we saw lambs. Two were born yesterday and one was born today. They were all able to walk! They felt bumpy, fluffy and a bit fuzzy. They were taller than we thought they would be. When the crofter took the lambs over to us, the mum was very wary and calling for her lambs. It was her first lambs.

Primary 1-5

Visit from R.S.P.B

Martha who works for the R.S.P.B came on to school to talk to us about birds in the winter and birds in the summer and how in the summer there is a lot more food in the summer than the winter. First we went outside and played a game that included what the birds eat. The starling eats seeds, the redwing eats rose hips, and the blackbird eats warms and the sparrow eats insects. Then we talked about how we could make our garden better for birds. We are going to try and get a bird table and a bird bath.
Jasmine Lawson P4 and Ben Lawson P5




Big Bird Watch

IMG_5336 IMG_5338On Monday we did the Big Bird Watch for RSPB. Jim a bird watcher come in to help us spot for the birds. To attract the birds we used the scraps from our Burns Supper. We saw 30 Starlings, 3 Common Gulls, 3 Herring Gulls, 2 Hooded Crows and 1 Raven the Raven was not expected to come.

Jasmine Lawson, p4

Burns Supper

Robert Burns known as Rabbie Burns lived on a croft. Rabbie’s dad died when he was 25. His brother and him looked after the farm. Rabbie started to write poems and songs to impress girls. Robbie died at the age of 37. His most famous song is Auld Lang Syne.
James Anderson P5

We have Burns supper every year. At our Burns supper we say poems, sing songs and best of all….. Eat haggis! I said a poem with Jessica, it was called ‘Feart’ by Liz Niven. My favourite part was when we were singing Auld Lang Syne. We practised for two whole weeks! I liked doing the Burns supper.
Emma Williamson P5

On the 25th of January, we had a Burns supper at the school. My
favourite song was ‘Donald, where’s your troosers?’ and my favourite poem was ‘Shalls’ that P2 recited. I did ‘Tirval Trow’ by Robbie Walterson. I wore a kilt it was a green kilt with yellow and blue stripes. After P2 said the Selkirk Grace we had our supper. We had haggis, neeps and totties, and for pudding we had shortbread – that was my favourite part.
Jasmine Lawson P4

We had a Burns Supper on Sunday the 25th January. We sang lots of songs and recited some poems:

Fitba Crazy – Primary 1-7
Piping of the Haggis
Address to the Haggis – Primary 7
Selkirk Grace – Primary 2
Fairt- Jessica and Emma
Mary O’Burland – Primary 1-3
Bide a start wi me – Primary 6
Nonsense song – Primary 3
Shalls – Primary 2
Tirval Trow – Primary 4
Noo Dan Moorit yowe – Primary 1
Scots Wha Hae – Ben, Dylan, James
Donald where’s your troosers? – Primary 4-7
Rainy Day – Primary 7
Auld Lang Syne

Beth Dickie P4


It’s December! It’s nearly Christmas!! Because of this we have been doing alot of things in school. When we come in from playing outside before 9 o’clock we light the advent candle. We blow it out when it burns off the wax that says the date on it (So today we would blow it out when it burnt out all of number 3). We then open up the two advent calendars. After that we have a collection of short stories describing the run-up to the birth of Jesus Christ. At some point during the day Primary 5, 6 and 7 sing ‘Stay Awake, Be Ready!’. On the 9th it is our Christmas Show; it’s called Christmas Stars (The Xmas Factor). Along with this post there are some pictures and videos. Keep on watching our blog to find out how our Christmas Show goes!

Calum Graham!


Sports in Lerwick

On monday we went down to Lerwick and we played different kinds of sports like rubgy,football,bowls and cricket . We got put in groups names of different countries like Canada and Scotland . Rugby was good because we got to play corner to corner with and without tags. Football was good because we got to do lots of activites. We learned how to play bowls for the first time. From Jessica and James, P5

Radio Shetland Journey

On our way to radio shetland the boys and Connie went in to the bus. Me,Lana and Jessica went in Miss Odie’s car and listened to music.When we went on the ferry we sold a few pudsey headband’s and teddy’s and a ferry man came and he bought a teddy and a head band and he let us up to the captain’s deck at the very top and the wind was going against the tide so it was so wobbly.The auto pilot was on and it looked as if there was a ghost taking control but it was so fun.

Then it was time to go down because they were unloading the cars!When we got off Connie swapped cars she came in with us and we listened to music it was so cool!When we came to lerwick we had to go to a shop to get wool that glowed for the JRSO’s.Then we came to radio shetland and we were on the radio!!

Emma Williamson, P5

Children in Need Activities/ Dress up

We did children in need and we did activities. One of the activities was a super hero song and dance by Connie and Jessica. Our favorite part was when we made a super hero pose. Another activity was coloring in. Our favourite picture was normal pudsey it was fun. We played games on the laptop there was Pudsey Pie Throw and Pudsey Pairs.  We also designed hero pants.  We dressed u

Altogether with our activities and our sponsered dance and spelling we raised £573.20 for Children in Need!

Amanda Thomason and Tali Kennerley P4

Children in need

For children in need we supported it by having a sponsered dance for half an hour and a spelling test. Our guest judge was Mrs Hay. We got sponserd money and we raised over £400.We had to practise our spelling words alot. We got a Pudsey key rings our Pudsey ears. Our favourite song was YMCA.

Jasmine Lawson and Beth Dickie

Radio Shetland

P5, 6 and 7 went to Radio Shetland in Lerwick  for give us a tune. We were a bit nervous but it got easier as it went on. We had speak loud and clear. The best part of it was seeing Pudsey. We had to chose 15 songs and there is 15 families in the school so every family  got to chose a song. Some of the songs were YMCA and Dancing Queen. We all loved it!

By Ben Lawson and Dylan Henderson, P5

Children in Need

We have had a great day for Children in Need. We did lots of exciting things in school, and P5,6 and 7 went to Lerwick and presented ‘Give Us a Tune’ tonight. We had so much fun, and we hope you enjoyed it. Look out for our blog posts next week where we will be sharing our experiences!
Miss Odie.


Shoe box appeal

Evey year we do a shoe box appeal and send boxes of things to adults and children. We put lots of things in them shampoo sweets clothes and conditioner. We cover the shoe boxs in wrapping paper. We put a rubber band around the box so the lid does not fall off.  This year we are doing it with Mid Yell Junior High School.  Every year we have someone to help us this year we had Winnie.  Normally primary 5 to 7 do most of them, then Primary 1 to 4 come and do the rest.  WE do this for poor people.  The boxes go to places like Romania.

Halloween party

We had a halloween party on Sunday the 26th of October it was amazing.
We played 3 games that we were not allowed to use are hands apple ducking, witches fingers, pumpkin poo.
We played a game where we had donuts, pancakes and biscuits hanging on rope we had to eat them without using our hands it was hard but very fun.
We also did a pumpkin competition it was very fun.

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