S1 & S2

Several Modern Studies topics are taught as part of the S1/2 Social Subjects curriculum .

Topics taught in S1:

  • Inequalities in the UK
  • Election Campaign

Topics taught in S2:

  • Alternative Ideologies
  • Conflict, Peace & Justice

S3 & S4

Pupils who have picked Modern Studies in S3 have the opportunity to study topics which link to level 3 & 4 Experiences and Outcomes.  These topics also provide the pupils with prior learning for National 4 & 5.

Topics studied in S3 & 4:

  • Democracy in Scotland
  • Crime and the Law
  • World Power (United States of America)

Higher Modern Studies

Pupils who have achieved a credit pass in any Social Subject can sit Higher Modern Studies in S5 or S6.

Topics studied are:

  • Electoral Systems
  • Voting Behaviour and Political Attitudes
  • Wealth and Health Inequalities in the UK
  • United States of America
  • South Africa

Advanced Higher Modern Studies

Pupils who have achieved a B pass in any Higher Social Subject can sit Advanced Higher Modern Studies in S6.
Pupils study Law and Order in the UK. Here pupils learn the Causes and Effects of Crime.  They also learn the responses to crime by studying the Penal System.