The Business & Computing Technologies department at Peebles High School offers courses of study from S1 to S6.

In S1-3, we offer a broad and general education course in Business & Computing Technologies which allows students to experience learning from both the Technologies and Social Studies curriculum areas.   By offering a blend of these areas, learners can gain a firm base of knowledge of skills before deciding whether to specialise at the end of S3.

In S4-6, we offer 3 discrete qualifications pathways of SQA certification:

  • Administration & IT – N4, N5 and Higher
  • Business Management – N4, N5 and Higher
  • Computing Science – N4, N5 and Higher

In addition, we offer a bespoke course in which learners currently working at N2 or N3 level can build a portfolio of units from relevant N2 and N3 course.


Principal Teacher
Mrs Carolyn Futty

Ms Suzanne Cleland
Ms Anne Delaney
Mr Peter Flood
Mr Bill Russell
Mrs Debbie Shearer