Guidance and Pastoral Support

The Guidance Department comprises of:

Mrs Ann Byers (Kyle House)

Mrs Lauren Butler-Robson (Galloway House)

Mr Andy Powell (Carrick House)

Mr Terry McGuigan (Attendance)


Ayr Academy Counselling Service

The in-school counselling service is currently available 5 days a week to all pupils and staff within the school community. The counselling room is based in Pupil Support Room 2. This is a confidential service which operates from the BACP Code of Ethics where confidentiality is paramount.

The school counsellors are:

Maria Berry (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Alan McLauchlan (Monday and Friday)

Pupils who would like to self-refer should complete a referral form and post it in one of the three locked red post boxes around the school. These post boxes can be found outside the school office, outside the counselling room and outside the guidance office. Pupils should be assured that only the school counsellors have access to these locked post boxes. Referral forms can be found next to each post box.