Week Beginning 16th May – Dinner Menu Week 3

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Monday 16th May

P6 Dodgeball (lunchtime)
P1 School Olympics (3-4pm)
P5-7 Girls’ Football (3-4pm)

Tuesday 17th May

P5 Dodgeball (lunchtime)
P3 School Olympics (3-4pm)
P3&4 Arts and Crafts Club (3-4pm)
P7 Basketball Club (3-4pm)

Wednesday 18th May

P2 School Olympics (3-4pm)

Thursday 19th May

P7 Castlehead Induction day
P5b visit to West College Scotland

Friday 20th May

P7 Castlehead Induction day
P4 visit to Castle Semple
P4 Dodgeball (lunchtime)