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P1’s First Week 2012-13

P1 will have half days for the first two weeks of term. Here are a reminder of some useful times for P1’s first week of school:

Monday 13th August – No school for pupils

Tuesday 14th August – P1 starting at 9.30am (today only – usually 9am). Parents welcome to stay until 9.50am.

(New pupils starting today from other year groups are due to start at 9.15am)

Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th – P1 finishing slightly before lunch break at 12.20pm.

Thursday 16th August -P1 parents’ curriculum workshop 11am.

Thursday 16th and Friday 17th August – P1 finish at normal lunch time (12.35pm)

If you have not already read our school handbook please click here to download it.

Placing Requests and P1 registration

If you do not live in the Portmoak catchment area, but wish to make a placing request for your child then you will need to complete the form below. This is the same form for children who live over the border with Fife as it is for Perth and Kinross residents.

P&K Placing request form

If you are interested in making a placing request for your child, please contact the school to arrange a visit.

Any  placing requsts for P1 pupils starting in August 2012 should be made by 31st March 2012. To visit the Perth and Kinross website and view further information on placing requests please click here.

P1 Registration Week for August 2012 entrants

New P1 pupils for 2012 are welcome to register for the next session week beginning 16th January 2012.

If you want your child to benefit from all that Portmoak offers, please make an appointment to visit the school during this week and complete an enrolment form. These will be available on the day or can be downloaded here:  Enrolment Form

Please bring your child’s birth certificate and also your Council Tax Assessment Letter/Book and a recent utility bill as proof that you live permanently at your address.

Details of the enrolment process and forms required can be found on the Perth and Kinross website, available by clicking here.