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Nursery Graduation

Today  at 11am it was the Nursery Graduation!

Mums, Dads, Granny and Grandpas all came to the Village Hall to see the Nursery Graduating!

Nursery performed songs to everyone and the P1-7 sang songs to the Nursery children.

The P6’s, who will  next year be the new P1 buddies, gave the children some advice about starting Primary 1.

Then there was a fabulous presentation of all the learning Nursery have been doing over the last two years.

Mrs Fridge then presented the Nursery children with their graduating certificates!

To show her appreciation of all the Nursery staff, Mrs Dawson presented flowers to all the staff.


Nursery Graduation

On Wednesday 29th June, seven children graduated from Nursery to Primary One.

A special ceremony took place in the Village Hall. Mums and Dads and the whole school came to see the graduation ceremony. We were also treated to songs on their topic, Space.

P6’s gave the children some advice about going into Primary 1.

Mrs Dawson and Mrs Russell presented the children with their certificates!

Well done Nursery…..See you next year!

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