Welcome to website of Our Lady & St. Joseph’s Primary School

Welcome to Our Lady & St. Joseph’s Primary School and Nursery. This website will help you understand more about our school and provides essential information which I hope you will find interesting and helpful.

Throughout the school year various activities, events and meetings will be arranged in order to involve parents and the community in the life and work of the school. Education starts long before children come to school. It is continuous from home to nursery and primary school. Parental involvement is crucial to raising achievement. Should you wish to discuss your child’s progress or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact school immediately.

We are a community school and place special emphasis on partnership between school, home, church and the community. We actively encourage co-operation and dialogue. We welcome comments and suggestions.

You are welcome to visit our school and to meet with staff & pupils to find out more about Our Lady & St. Joseph’s.

Mrs E. M. Turnbull
Head Teacher

The Aims of Our Lady & St. Joseph’s Primary are:

  • To provide a happy, caring and secure environment with equal opportunities for all to develop their full potential.
  • To develop numeracy, literacy and communication skills through a variety of active teaching and learning experiences.
  • To promote fairness, honesty, compassion and spiritual development of everyone within the community of school and nursery.
  • To actively challenge children to develop responsibility for their own learning and behaviour.
  • To develop self esteem and self worth through a broad range of learning experiences and to prepare children for responsible citizenship.
  • To promote the school by providing a welcoming atmosphere and fostering genuine partnerships with parents and the wider community.
  • To encourage a climate of mutual respect where all are encouraged to show care and consideration for others and the world in which they live.

Have a look at our Twitter feed to see all of the wonderful things our children are doing. @our_joseph