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June 10, 2016
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Panda Adoption

Yesterday we donated £56 to the WWF. As you know P2a voted to adopt a Panda and we can’t wait for the special delivery of the cuddly toy and the fact pack.

Thanks again for all your donations to make this adoption possible!





Sorry for the delay in posting about our Trip, we will get those pictures up asap.

June 10, 2016
by User deactivated

Ladywell’s French Focus Day

On Tuesday, we all joined in a French Focus day to help us practise our French.

P2a started off the day by hosting a Camembear Sing-Along! Each class in the school sang a French song. We sand l’arc-en-ciel de Camembear, which means Camembear’s Rainbow!



French Focus Day 015


We took part in lots of French activities throughout the day.


French Focus Day 049 French Focus Day 050 French Focus Day 051

We created Matisses’ famous ‘Snail’ using coloured shapes.




French Focus Day 055 French Focus Day 053French Focus Day 056 French Focus Day 057 French Focus Day 058 French Focus Day 059

We also enjoyed a Fancy French Menu at Lunch time, including Baguette Fromage and French Patisseries, we made sure we said ‘Bonjour’ and ‘Merci’ to the Dinner Ladies!


We had fun practising our numbers to 20 with this cool song!


In the afternoon Mrs MacKay treated us to a delicious French Brioche!


We had a fab day and enjoyed being able to use all the French we have learned.




May 26, 2016
by User deactivated

WWF Wear it Wild Day!

Today P2 celebrated ‘The World Wide Fund for nature’s‘  (WWF)

‘Wear it Wild Day’!

We looked fabulous dressed as wild animals of different shapes, sizes and colours.

iPhone Image 6CAAB6

With all the generous donations P2a and b are now able to adopt an endangered animal. We did a class vote and the winner was the Giant Panda.

We can’t wait to get our Panda fact pack, regular updates and cuddly toy.

Thank you to all the Mums, Dads, Grans, Grandpas etc for helping P2a dress up and for the kind donations.




May 20, 2016
by User deactivated

Review of our week (20th May)

This week has been very busy in P2a. We really enjoyed being spectators at the Pearl Izumi Team Cycle Race- we even got cool high fives from the cyclists after the race! Check out our video!


pearl izumi 011


pearl izumi 003

In Taught Writing we created a recount about our experience of the Pearl Izumi.



In Numeracy, we have been learning how to use our knowledge of the 2, 10 & 5 times tables to help us divide by 2, 10 & 5.

We were also finding quarters, halves, fifths and tenths of numbers, using counters for the trickier numbers!


We made puppet Gorillas in Art as they are one of the top ten endangered species. Mrs MacKay is really looking forward to seeing everyone’s Personal Projects on Tuesday 31st May.

May 18, 2016
by Miss Sneddon


Today we went on a yoga adventure based on JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone.

In our pictures we are doing different poses; the house pose, mouse pose and flying motorcycle pose.

fr_0_size880 fr_1_size880

fr_2_size880 fr_3_size880

We also had to decide which house we would like to be in when we got to Hogwarts.
For Gryffindor it was a lion pose. For Slytherin it was a snake pose. For Hufflepuff it was a badger pose. And for Ravenclaw it was an eagle pose.
Can you tell which house we wanted the Sorting Hat to choose for us?


We all had los of fun!!

May 13, 2016
by User deactivated


We have researched lots of fab facts and information using the WWF site. It has information on the most endangered wild animals and ideas for how we can help to protect them.

Have a look at home and try out the ‘What animal are you?’ challenge.




May 13, 2016
by User deactivated


Using the WWF website, we found out facts about the Rhino and displayed them on these super Rhino Fact Files.



May 13, 2016
by User deactivated

Wild Animals in Danger!

Our Term 4 topic is Wild Animals in Danger and we are really enjoying it.

So far, we have been learning about Pandas, Amur Leopards, Rhinos and Gorillas. We have worked in pairs and by ourselves to find out interesting facts about these animals, using the internet and non-fiction books.

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