Team work

Base 5 were playing tic tac toe with hoops and coloured bibs this week in P.E. We were working together in teams to get three coloured bibs in a row. It involved lots of running back and forth. Trying to think about the best next move for our own team but also watch what the other team were doing was a challenge. It was a work out for both our body and mind. It was great fun!

Purposeful Play in Base 2

We had fun learning about the famous French artist, Georges Seurat (1859 -1891). He invented Pointillism which is using dots of colour to create pictures. We tried to copy this style by using cotton buds and paint palettes and also felt pens. Some groups were in the French cafe ordering baguettes and some were working on jigsaws from around the world. What a busy afternoon in Base 2!