Child Pedestrian Training Base 2

Base 2 completed their road safety training on Friday, 9th June. Mrs Onions was very impressed with their knowledge of finding safe places to cross, looking for driveways and crossing at junctions. Everyone received a certificate and a bag of road safety goodies!

We celebrated with an afternoon of fun road safety activities, such as making traffic light biscuits, designing a new high vis vest, imaginative play with the cars and figures and sequencing road safety pictures to tell a story. We would like to thank our parent helpers for being so patient and helpful. They also received a bag of road safety goodies and flowers.

Well done everyone!


Well done to our winners of the JRSO competition to design a new Summer outfit for Strider! They each received a bag full of road safety goodies.

Our new Junior Road Safety Officer for P6 next year is Holly from Base 8. She completed the application form and interview process with great confidence.

Base 2 Purposeful Play Gannet Style!

As part of our IDL theme of the seashore we have been learning about seabirds such as the amazing gannet. During purposeful play we have made 3D models of gannets using card, paper, scissors, glue and felt pens. The children had the choice of play dough, plasticine or lego to make a model and a toy gannet was introduced to the beach role play! At the literacy table we did some research in books on the parts of a gannet and enjoyed sharing any interesting facts. You can ask us anything about gannets now!

Child Pedestrian Training Base 2

You will find Base 2 children out and about in the community learning about road safety as part of the Child Pedestrian Training Scheme. So far we have learned how to check for cars moving in driveways, to cross on a straight part of the road, not diagonally and to move away from parked cars if we can. A big thank you to our lovely parent helpers too.