Sway Video

Will this work?

Yup, what I did was make a Sway, it only has a Title Card and a Video Card. I uploaded a mpg4 to the video card of around 100mb.

I made the sway public.

I pasted the url of the sway into the blog editor on a line by itself.

This is a bit of a kludge but it allows you to post video of over 50mb and embed it in a Glow Blog. It could be useful if you do not have access to a public video repository.

in my first try it looks like, in this browser (Safari, mac) the video is playing using Flash.

Mobile Video

30Hands iOS Slideshows with Audio


30hands is a platform for online and blended learning, but it also produces a nice free iOS application for making slideshows that combine images and audio much like SonicPics. 30Hands is designed to work with the 30Hands platform but you can use it without signing up and simply export the video to your camera roll.

The video above was put together in 30Hands in a very short time using screenshots of 30Hands.

30Hands on the iTunes store.