Glow at St Dominic’s

On Thursday afternoon I was at St Dominic’s Primary working with the p7s and St Dominic’s Glow mentor Ms. Sweeney . They have a great space in the open area of the school with a suite of iMacs. The afternoon was made more interesting by some robust Road Safety singing from the infants in the hall next door. The children have spaces as their topic this term so we used the Space page in the NLC classroom glow group. This links out to several Purple Mass activities, for a bit of fun we used the Alien Profile Creator. The children were able to create amusing profiles for their aliens, save them as PNG files and upload them to the glow group.

One wee glitch was one pupil attempts to save their work failed. They could name the file, but the standard file dialog box did not open. I’ve seen this on several occasions with PurpleMass activities. A quick screenshot saved the work.