Image Slider


Pauses on hover.

I’ve heard a few folk mention that they would like image sliders in Glow Blogs. A plugin may come at some point, but it is possible at the moment with a wee bit of work.

Based on You Don’t Need JavaScript for That!. I added some CSS using the Custom CSS module from Jetpack. Some footering required to get the sizes sorted. I would not recommend this unless you really need want a slider.

Could be adapted to provide nav, the first two images above are links.

Update: I broke this by switching theme which removed the custom CSS fixed
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GarageBand at St Mary’s Cumbernauld


I spent the morning at St Mary’s Primary working with primary 6-7 using GarageBand to make music.

The music files were uploaded to the NLC GarageBand glow group where you can hear them all (Glow loging required).

Att he end of the morning we took 15 minutes to make this short movie about working with GarageBand.