Multiple image uploads on iOS

It is now possible to upload multiple photos on iOS using Mobile Safari to Glow Blogs. I am not sure when this change happened and if it is due to upgrades to iOS/Safari or the recent WordPress upgrade on Glow Blogs.

Here is a gallery uploaded from my iPad.

And here is another one showing the steps taken to produce the one above.

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30Hands iOS Slideshows with Audio


30hands is a platform for online and blended learning, but it also produces a nice free iOS application for making slideshows that combine images and audio much like SonicPics. 30Hands is designed to work with the 30Hands platform but you can use it without signing up and simply export the video to your camera roll.

The video above was put together in 30Hands in a very short time using screenshots of 30Hands.

30Hands on the iTunes store.