More Connectors

I’ve done a little more testing of connectors, the RSS one has not worked yet, but I, added a twitter search which works and a ‘Incoming Webhook’. The webhook allows you to hook up services to post to your Outlook group. I’ve just tested it from the terminal.

The featured images shows the result of the twitter connector. You connect to your twitter account in the usual way and can set up alerts for usernames or searches. You can get them delivered periodically or as they happen.

The Twitter connector could be a simple and powerful way to pull information about a topic (hashtag) into an outlook group discussing that topic.

Here is an incoming webhook:

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 19.11.21

There is information on how to send these: Get started with Office 365 Connector Cards – Outlook Dev Center.

Here is a screenshot of the terminal producing that card (I’ve pixelated some of the url).


Hopefully this post will get pushed to the group through the RSS connection.

Sway Video

Will this work?

Yup, what I did was make a Sway, it only has a Title Card and a Video Card. I uploaded a mpg4 to the video card of around 100mb.

I made the sway public.

I pasted the url of the sway into the blog editor on a line by itself.

This is a bit of a kludge but it allows you to post video of over 50mb and embed it in a Glow Blog. It could be useful if you do not have access to a public video repository.

in my first try it looks like, in this browser (Safari, mac) the video is playing using Flash.

iPad glow blogging easier with tabs

Tabs by denn
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License

It is a lot easier to blog with an iPad on this more recent version of Safari which has tabbed browsing.
One of the problems with glow blogs is their lack of support for the MetaWeblogAPI so that the many blogging apps on iOS do not work.
One of the problems blogging with an iOS device is the lack of support for file uploads in web browsers.
This mean if you want to use an image in a blog post you need to use one previously uploaded to the web. Here I have searched Flickr with A flickr CC search toy which finds safe images that you can legally use and provides an HTML snippet to insert the image with the attribution.
The new safari with tabs makes it easy to write a post in one tab and search for an image in the other. Remember that Mobile safari does not support the wysiwyg editing of posts you need to switch to the HTML editor.
Hopefully when we hear of the next ‘version’ of glow it will include the ability to use the MetaWeblogAPI in glow blogs.