S1 Business ICT – Task 1

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Lock Down

Now it is time to for you to practice what you have been learning all year.

What does the lock down means? I would like you to create presentation on what you have been doing during the lock down, so far.

It might include.

  • We are all finding this very different to our normal way of life. How are you feeling today?
  • Where are you in lock down?
  • Who is in lock down with you?
  • Have you managed to get out of the house for exercise every day? What are the rules on this?
  • How have you spent your days? Have you started a routine every day? use 5 emojis to show what you are doing.
  • What games you have been playing or how are you keeping in contact with family and friends? What technology are you using?

Include photos of you and if you have any pets. Feel free to add animation and videos to the presentation.

When you have finished your presentation email it to your class teacher.

  • Mrs Cole
    • 1A
  • Mrs Welsh
    • 1i
  • Mr Macredy
    • 1C
    • 1G
    • 1H
  • Mr Stratton
    • 1B
    • 1D
    • 1E
    • 1F

If you have any problems email you teacher through glow or email bict@coltnesshigh.n-lanark.sch.uk and keep well and safe.

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