Lossie Youth Worker

Hi I’m Tracy, Youth worker at Lossie High School.

The part of the day I most look forward to is in the evening when I work on a ridiculously difficult (i.e. s-l-o-w) jigsaw, listening to radio 2 with my dogs snoring contentedly beside me.  My 3 kids are grown up, so I have time now to enjoy kayaking along with my baby sis on her paddle board.  Last year I started snorkelling and plan to follow the West Coast snorkel trail when things get back to normal

I was a seafarer before being a youth worker, so I am really keen to encourage young people to go for their personal goals, making the most of any support available to them as they make steps towards the life they want for themselves. 

My own life goals are to finish my studying, continue to nurture my well-being, physical and mental, and in a few years, adopt an elderly pug.

Email: tracy.robbie@moray.gov.uk


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