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Glow: a guide for parents

Linking learning at home and at school

Glow is the world’s first national safe and secure online community for pupils, parents and teachers.
Glow is an award winning national intranet for education, developed exclusively for Scotland’s educational community. Enhancing and supporting pupils’ learning, Glow allows pupils to learn using the tools of technology they are familiar with. The sort of personalised learning that Glow can offer children and young people is a key aspect of Curriculum for Excellence.

What does it do?

Glow gives access to information and activities including interactive educational games, revision papers, links to other sites and news features. These resources support pupils to learn in innovative and exciting ways. Glow has a number of key features and access to, or restrictions to, these features is dependent on the permissions set by your local authority. Not all features are relevant to all users.

How does it work?

Each child or teacher is given unique logins to access this trusted, safe environment where they can create personalised programmes of work, share resources or help parents understand and become more involved in their children’s learning possibly by keeping up to date with their progress and achievements.


glowpeep-purpleHow does it assist my child’s learning?

For children, GLOW is:

  • A tool to access the benefits of the internet and a range of online resources and services via one log-in
  • A space for collaborating with other learners
  • A facility to connect with teachers about assignments and learning
  • A space to create and innovate as you learn


glowpeep-turquoiseWhy use it?

The constantly evolving digital world has transformed the way in which our children communicate, network, seek help and access information to learn. We must recognise the need to provide our children with relevant and contemporary experiences that allow them to successfully engage with technology and prepare them for life after school.

Glow provides tailored resources, appropriate to the children in a safe, secure and engaging way.

glowpeep-greenWhat are the benefits?

Your child will have access to the world’s first educational intranet in a secure and safe setting. Teachers at their school can share experiences and best practice to ultimately improve teaching and learning across Scotland.

Your child is learning life skills and embracing technology in a constantly evolving world and it is the role of educators and parents to ensure children are in the best position to be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Glow is a crucial part of the 21st century learning journey.


glowpeep-pinkHow does my child get access?

Your child will be given access by the school via a unique login using a secure username and password. This gives the child access to information and resources suitable to them.

A pupil’s access to, and view of, Glow will be different from a teacher’s view.

glowpeep-purpleCan my child access Glow during school?

Glow can be accessed either within the school or, as it is web-based, wherever an internet connection is available, such as at home or in a public library.

All your child needs is their unique username and password.



glowpeep-turquoiseHow can I, as a parent, use Glow?

Your child’s Glow account should only be accessed by them.  You are encouraged to ask your child about what they are doing in Glow and support them in their use of it at home; however parents should not be accessing Glow directly.

Pupil folders are private and cannot be accessed by other pupils.  It is important that children learn about privacy and online security, Glow is a great place to start.

glowpeep-greenHow does a parent get access?

Your child’s Glow account should only be accessed by them.  Parents should not be directly accessing Glow, but are encouraged to ask their child about what they are doing in Glow.



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