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P5 are learning to become super skiers!

On Monday 3rd October Primary 5 went to Hillend for their first skiing lesson! They had to listen carefully to all the instructions about getting the right size of boot, how to attach the boot to the ski and how to put on their helmet.  On the slope they learned how step sidewards to go up the hill then how to move down the slope. It was very impressive to watch as everyone had a go! We are already looking forward to our second session next week on Monday 10th October. Remember to bring gloves to protect your hands.

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Learning Maths OUTDOORS!

As part of Outdoor Learning Week, Primary 5 took themselves outside to the playground to use their environment as a resource for learning. The focus was on developing a sense of how long something takes by measuring the time it takes to complete the activity. The children thought of activities, estimated how long it would take then timed each other. The activities included pointing to 5 blue items, running to the MUGA and touching 10 trees. The challenge was to calculate how much faster or slower they were and how long would it take them to do even more of the same activity. There were lots skills developed and learning taking place including cooperation, reading and writing of numbers, estimating, calculating, measuring time and all whilst having fun!


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