Owl Magic Visit

In Primary 3 we are reading the novel The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson.  Everyone is really enjoying the story but we’re also learning lots about Owls.   As a special treat we had a visit from Owl Magic on Monday.    Tracey brought along more than 10 amazing owls for us to see and learn about.   We even got to hold one!

19 thoughts on “Owl Magic Visit”

  1. I learned that an owl has 2 tummys. They can even turn their head upside down. I got to hold the small owl called Daisy. It was so fun.

  2. I think the visit was really good. I loved when we got to hold the owls. I got to hold Gizmo. He was cute. The owl pellets were horrible.

  3. I like owls because they can turn there heads right around and I like them because they have different coloured eyes. Yellow orange and black. I got to hold a barn owl.

  4. It was so fun at the owl visit .I learned that owls have two tummies. They can turn their heads back 90 degrees.

  5. Thank you owl magic for teaching us all about owls and to get to hold some. I held daisy she is very fluffy.

  6. I loved the owl visit it was great. My favourite owl was a barn owl Cuddles he was so cuddly they named him Cuddles because he liked cuddles. We learned that owls have two tummys and they spit out disgusting pellets.

  7. When we had the owl magic people in I learned that owls have lots of muscles in their feet At the end I held Bell the smallest one there but she was SO CUTE AND CUDDLY!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mrs walker when we started owls we found it fun we liked the visit. I loved holding the owls. Daisy was so fluffy and cute so was all of them. It was good to know that owls had two tummies. Can we learn more please? me and Miya play owls out side in the playground. Once I was the little boy Miya was Plop. I love what we do with owls it is the best topic I have ever done in primary school.

  9. To Owl Magic I loved seeing all the owls and the pellets where fascinating and I hope that P3 this year will enjoy it too. From Cameron,P3.

  10. hi owl magic your visit was awesome. I held sunny she was cute as a little baby your awesome our topic is awesome. chilly was scary she stared at me a lot . I loved it a lot . it was awesome a lot .

  11. this was os fun i dont remember which owl i held but i bet it was very fun hopefully the P.3s will get a experience like this one

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