My reasons for studying MA Education

From a young age, I was inspired by my primary teachers to pursue a career in education and since then, teaching has become a profession I am immensely passionate about. I have always believed primary teaching to be the correct career choice for me, and this has been confirmed during the various work experience opportunities I have been lucky enough to undergo. Working with children is something I not only enjoy, but am incredibly excited and enthusiastic about, because having such an important role in a child’s development greatly appeals to me as I find being someone a child trusts and depends upon very rewarding.

I am suited to this course as I am hardworking, focused, patient, and friendly. I also possess very strong leadership, communication and organisational skills, all of which I have found to be very beneficial whilst working with young children. Most importantly I am determined and I strive to meet all goals I set myself, this is reflected in both my academic and personal achievements.

Throughout my school career I studied a wide range of subjects; my favourite being English which I feel will be beneficial as literacy is fundamental in primary education. I am currently studying the Introduction to Literary Studies Elective, which I believe will improve my literacy skills and knowledge throughout Semester 1 and will benefit me later in MA Education programme. In 2017, I passed the ‘Understanding the Autism Spectrum’ Open University Module, and I also have a qualification in Scottish Mental Health First Aid. I found both courses very engaging, and I am confident they will help me to recognise, understand and support the needs of children with varying levels of autism and also children who struggle with mental health issues during my teaching career as well.

As former S6 Head Girl, I was a leader of Dunoon Grammar School’s Senior Pupil Leadership Team and the S6 Yearbook Committee. These roles allowed me to demonstrate my strong organisational and leadership skills by successfully completing tasks, meeting deadlines and fulfilling all my responsibilities to the school. In addition to this, I proudly represented my school as a member of the DGS Pipe Band for four years, which also gave me the opportunity to become a drumming tutor. Through this experience I learned how to structure lessons and assist pupils with varying ages and levels of ability; I found the process of taking pupils from learning the basics through to competing with the band very rewarding.

In June 2016, I completed a week’s work placement in St Muns Primary School where I worked with children in Primary’s 1 – 4; after thoroughly enjoying this opportunity, I then used my free time in S6 to work in Kirn Primary School whenever possible to increase my teaching knowledge and experience. Shadowing teachers in both placements taught me many valuable lessons on how to engage with children and keep them focused.

In 2015, I became a young leader with the 1st Cowal Boys Brigade. This required me to be PVG checked, and to complete a ‘working with children and vulnerable adults’ training course. After volunteering for two years with the junior section, aged 7 – 10, I was promoted to Officer. I then became responsible for running a section of 15 children, (which I found challenging and therefore very motivating); this further confirmed my desire to work with primary aged children.

I am incredibly enthusiastic about the degree I am studying and I will continue to work to the best of my ability, as I am incredibly determined to become a primary teacher and to progress further to become a Head Teacher in the years to come.

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