Teachers make the world a better place

Every time I tell people I want to be a primary school teacher they always ask, “Why? Children are crazy, hyperactive and annoying.” However, I always remind them that there are many benefits to being a primary school teacher, for example it’s a very rewarding job, no day is ever the same and of course, the long summer holidays.

From the age of about 8 I always knew I wanted to work within the education sector, because as a child I loved learning new information, attending after school clubs and playing with friends. Despite loving the social and intellectual aspect of school, as I grew up I noticed many inequalities and faults within our education system. One major problem is the attainment gap, the fact that a child’s family income and background can affect a child’s future is not acceptable. I’ve seen on countless occasions children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds being left to struggle to do their school work alone, whilst other peers had private tutors for support. I strongly believe all schools should have a support system in place; where all pupils, especially those that don’t get help at home, are able to receive free educational support.

Another reason I want to be a teacher is to empower women. Women for centuries have lived in a patriarchal society, where their opportunities have been limited; they’ve been expected to cook, clean and look after the children. However, I want to ensure that this outlook on women is completely removed, ensuring that women are given equal opportunities in education, the workplace and society.

Finally, children of today will make up our future politicians, lawyers and doctors; therefore, it’s essential that we invest in each individual child, to unleash their full potential.


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