Values Workshop

Earlier in the week i attended a workshop where we were split into 4 groups. We were all provided with envelopes containing supplies that we were to use in order to make an ‘essential university item’. Immediately it was noticed by our group (Group 4) that groups 1 and 2 had far more resources than groups 3 and 4. Armed with just one sheet of paper, a pen, a paper clip, 2 post-it notes, some rubber bands and bluetac we decided to make a pencil case. Whilst the groups were discussing how the products would be made the teacher walked round the room observing our work and making an occasional comment. It was noticed by our group that we only received negative feedback. “The pencil case is ugly” being the most memorable. we also were given many disapproving looks which made us feel uncomfortable and reduced our motivation to complete the task. When giving our talk to the class the teacher paced back and forth and did not give us his attention, however when groups 1 and 2 were speaking they were given his undivided attention and even got a thumbs up! We were then given our grade where we placed bottom of the class with a 2/10.

During this task we realised that the attitude a teacher has towards a pupil can have an effect on the pupils ability to complete a task and can also impact how a pupil perceives their ability to complete a task. If a teacher has a positive attitude towards a pupil they are more likely to want to learn and in turn more likely to achieve. It also showed us that pupils that do not have as many resources as others will find it harder to complete tasks that others. This may be because they do not have enough resources to complete the task properly or they believe that because they do not have as many resources as others that there is no point in completing the task as others will have did it better than them.


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