Why Teaching?

When did I decide I wanted to become a teacher?

I volunteered weekly at a primary school in an area of deprivation. Part of this involved working with some vulnerable refugee children. As I attended Arabic school on weekends for nine years, I was taught to speak, read and write in Arabic. This helped me to communicate clearly with the refugees which gave them confidence and someone to turn to if need be. Over time I have developed a trusting relationship between myself and the children where I am able to help them with any difficulties they find themselves facing at school. As well as spending a great deal of time with the Syrian children, I was given the task of connecting with a particularly difficult pupil. Over time, the trust and respect between the pupil and I blossomed, and a great improvement to his work and mood was noticed. The small difference I made to someone proved to me that teaching was a career where I could make a difference to the young minds of tomorrow.  I saw how teachers are not always just the man or woman standing at the whiteboard talking about maths. Teachers can be someone a child looks up to for care and support.  After seeing a trusting relationship build between myself and the children and how it could make a positive difference in their learning experience , I decided that teaching was the career I wanted to pursue.

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