This is an example blog using the TwentySeventeen theme.

The blog has been customised using the customiser.  A static page has been chosen as the front page (this one introduction).

Once a static front page has been set you can choose different pages to fill in the sections you see on that page.

The header has been set to a short video.

Heron in Flight

This is a page that has been set to be a section of the front page. The Heron above the featured image.


Featured Heron

This post has a featured image. A heron on a statue in Victoria park. The image  doesn’t appear on the home page. The home page is a static page that using the TwentySeventeen theme is made up of section which are pages. The Blog section is a static page set to show the latest posts. You …

Flickr Heron

The photo above was taken  along the Forth and Clyde Canal. This is an example post with an image. No featured image. So only an excerpt of the text shows up on the home page.


A Gallery on a page.