Challenge and Response

I am thinking about how to organise learning on a blog.

One of the ways would be, #ds106 style, to have a series of assignment, question or challenge posts to which participants responded.

Then organise the responses so that they are somehow linked to the challenge post. This can be done with a variety of plugins etc. In GlowBlogs we do not (yet) have a vast array of plugins, so this will hopefully be an example of how to do this with the Jetpack plugin.

It means a bit of setup on the part of the leader. More details in Challenge 2 Red.

Participants can respond to the challenges either by being members of the same blog or by pulling in their posts via the syndication plugin.

This post is the first challenge, it is given a category of challenge and a unique category of challenge_1. Responders need to tag their posts response_1. The name could be better but this is an example.

The response_1 posts take a while to show up in the widget via RSS.

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