Leavers/ Careers Support

Leavers/ Careers Support

Click here for a quick Q&A for Leavers in Aug 2020

If you are a worried parent, a pupil applying for college, university or a modern apprenticeship or you just want to discuss your future options please get in touch with Mr Clelland at the address below. No matter the question, big or small, we are keen to support.

You will also find useful information on the collated websites below.

Mr Clelland: gw15clellandrobert@glow.ea.glasgow.sch.uk

You will also find the address for Amy and Caity, our SDS Careers Service advisors who are also available to answer questions and support:

Amy Todd: Amy.todd@sds.co.uk

Caity Cooper: caity.cooper@sds.co.uk

Current Modern Apprenticeship Vacancies

(via Glasgow Guarantee– note, pupils should create accounts on the Glasgow Guarantee website to apply- this can take a day or so to activate- http://www.glasgowguarantee.org.uk/):


My World of Work Advice Centre

A one-stop-shop for advice for all potential leavers, covering university (UCAS), college, Modern Apprenticeships, jobs and everything in between.

Find it here

Plan It Plus- Job Seeking Skills Toolkit

The tool contains four parts, each with a number of modules. All aspects of job seeking are covered, from where to look for work, applying for jobs and attending interviews, through to starting work. Most modules have activities, designed to help young people develop the key knowledge and skills required to look for work and handle the recruitment process confidently.

Plan It Plus- Job Seeking Skills Toolkit


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