The image shows the logo for the building racial literacy. The logo reads 'Building Racial Literacy' and depicts four holding hands of different skin tones over the saltire. The logo also includes Education Scotland and Scottish Government logos.The Building Racial Literacy programme aims to set anti-racism as a baseline professional value, empowering educators to identify and implement anti-racist behaviours and processes in their everyday practice. The ultimate goal of the Building Racial Literacy programme is to make every educator in Scotland racially literate, effective at dealing with racism and confident in leading anti-racism.

Applications for the programme are currently closed. This video tells the story of the Building Racial Literacy programme, using feedback from Cohort 1 participants and inviting learners to share what they would like to see in their teachers and practitioners. The poem by Tawona Sithole, Seeds of Anti-Racist Education, illustrates the importance of the professional learning programme. And Cohort 1 participants share their experiences and learning from the programme in the following blog posts:


BRL+ Webinar Series:

BRL+ Webinars: Bringing Together Building Racial Literacy alumni & new collaborators.

Starting in June 2022, the BRL+ webinar series explores anti-racism in Scottish education and it is an extension of the Building Racial Literacy professional learning programme. BRL+ will bring together some new collaborators as well as showcase innovative ideas and good practice from previous participants on the Building Racial Literacy programme. We currently have 2 recorded webinars available to view online:

  • Anti-Racist Clubs:

In this Anti-Racist Clubs webinar, we hosted a panel discussion of educators and young people who are members of anti-racist clubs in Scottish secondary schools. Together we learned more about the purposes of anti-racist clubs, how they can be run and why they can be instrumental in anti-racist education.

Recommended pre-reading for the webinar: “Pupils in Scotland Call for Change: It’s Time for a Decolonised Curriculum”

  • Anti-Racist Critical Thinking and Curriculum Design:

In this BRL+ webinar, Nuzhat Uthmani and Navan Govender shared tools to help educators practise critical anti-racist thinking when designing their curriculum. Nuzhat is a BRL alumna, primary schoolteacher and founder of the Global Citizenship Education website. Navan is a member of The Anti-Racist Educator collective and an expert in Critical Literacies. The following padlet includes links to resources and tasks mentioned in the webinar.