The courtyard week beginning 2/7/21

Following on from our walk to Milngavie village we have been exploring landmarks in Milngavie. We had a look at Tesco, The reservoir, The Allander, the famous West Highland Way and Mugdock Country Park. We even showed dinosaurs and superheroes around Milngavie too!


The courtyard – Wk beginning 31/05/2021


We have been very busy this week in our courtyard, we have continued using the block play to incorporate numeracy. Children have been creating ramps and watching to see where the car will stop, we then identify the number. This week we have added a recording chart where we are documenting how many cars land on which number.

Superhero masks

We have also been exploring superheroโ€™s and children have explored the different traits that can come with having superpowers. Children have had a keen interest in the masks, children have now been creating there own mask, we have been developing our fine motor control with scissors.

Fruit and veg

We have been exploring all our senses with different types of fruit and vegetables this week. The children expanded their vocabulary describing the textures such as โ€œjaggyโ€, โ€œsquishyโ€, and โ€œbumpyโ€, and had the opportunity to smell and taste some of the fruits. They then developed their fine motor skills through cutting, snapping and squashing the fruit and veg using a variety of tools. The children risk assessed the activity, learning how to cut safely using a knife.