Risk assessing week beginning 14/06/21

This week the children have been continuing to develop their fine motor and self-help skills by practicing slicing and grating fruit. 🍊🍌The children risk assessed using the knife and grater, agreeing to hold the handle and β€œkeep our fingers away from the sharp bit”. We discussed the need for good hygiene when preparing food, with one child saying, β€œwe need to wash our hands or else we could get a sore tummy”. They were then able to prepare fruit for the 3-5’s snack, using their numeracy skills to count the number of slices they were cutting. Well done boys and girls πŸ‘

The Garden Wk beginning 7/6/21

Some hard work has been going on in Oakburn’s garden. We have been planting potatoes in our planters and pretty flowers in pots, whilst discussing what plants need to grow. We are excited to plant lots more in the garden!

The children have also been exploring woodwork tools and completing their own risk assessment. We used our fine motor skills to saw legs off a table and screw into apples. Soon we will be deconstructing different electrical items!