Caterpillar to butterfly 🐛🦋 wk beginning 19/07/21

This week out caterpillars have changed quite a lot. We now have cocoons. The children are developing their understanding of life cycles and we have been looking at our new books that have been delivered. We have then discussed what comes first and sorting the life cycle sequence.


We have written some of the words that associated with our current interest.


Children have also started to explore the butterfly and we looked at the wings of the butterfly, one child noticed that “both sides are the same”.



The courtyard Week beginning 14/06/21

  • After our racing experiences last week  where children made their own signage the children had decided they would like to do lots more writing. One child came to nursery with a dragon on his T-shirt, this sparked some conversation and we decided to write our own stories about a dragon. Other children created their own stories, we have some very good imagination skills here at Oakburn.

The children have also been interest in a lemon smelling hand sanitiser, this sparked conversations about smells. We introduced some citrus fruits for the children to smell, however many children wanted to taste them, so we had a tasting session for the children to try some lemons, limes and oranges, we had some great describing words come out of our tasting sessions and some very funny reactions.

Discovery room Week beginning 14/06/21

We have been using puppets this week as a way of communicating and thinking about our feelings.💕Flora the flamingo made an appearance and encouraged the children to share their news and speak out in front of a group. We also used the inflatable microphones to add a bit of fun!😀

The tuff tray has been a hive of activity also, with various provocations to engage the children such as ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’🐻and Claudia the Counting Cockerel!🐔We have been practicing our counting, number recognition and fine motor skills too! Busy, busy, busy!😀

The Discovery Room – Wk beginning 31/05/2021 There is a superhero in my book📚

We have had such a busy and fun filled week in our discovery area.😍We embraced the theme of superheroes and discovered that one of the most special powers a superhero possesses is kindness. We read a special story called ‘There’s a Superhero in your book’ by Tom Fletcher. Following on from this we have decided to create our own ‘Oakburn Kindness Charter’…The children had some wonderful ideas such as we should use kind hands in nursery and help our friends!❤️