Acorn room Wk beginning 14/06/2021

They children have been showing an interest in singing songs and following the actions to the songs. Some children have been keen to hide in our tent and behind our colourful scarfs.

One child said  “see the fishy’s”; staff set up our water tray and provided  sea animals as our provocation. A few children were showing an interest in our home area and mud kitchen. We provided resources that developed their curiosity. Another child was in the mud kitchen” making cakes”. We then provided a baking experience.


Acorn Room Wk beginning 7/6/2021

The children have been continuing to explore our different areas within our Acorn room and we have welcomed a few new friends to our Acorn room.  The children have been using arts to continue their learning of colours. We have used dinosaurs through out the week from reading a story called ‘How to wash your little dinosaur’ which led to having dinosaurs in the water tray for children to wash and also painting using dinosaurs footprints.

During one of our group times the children explored musical instruments, peek-a-boo (using blankets and our tunnel).