Welcome to Noss Primary School and ELC

Welcome to the Noss Primary School and ELC website.

Our vision is to develop happy learners in a secure learning environment where they are nurtured, valued and inspired.

Our school values are Ready, Respectful and Safe.

At Noss Primary School and ELC we aim to:

  • deliver a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum which allows each child to achieve their full potential
  • create a happy, safe and stimulating environment in which children can learn, develop and be treated fairly
  • promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle to all learners and the learning community
  • allow pupils to participate in a variety of positive, memorable experiences
  • ensure that children will have a greater self knowledge and a greater understanding of the views and needs of others
  • foster positive relationships at all levels of our school and ELC
  • be a learning community which supports learners, families and staff in lifelong learning and,
  • make a positive contribution to the life of the community.

With your support, we can work together to make sure that your child gets the very best education available.

This website includes information to help you support your children whilst at Noss.  You can find out about the school, ELC and the varied aspects of education.  You can also find information specific to the Social Communication Provision for Education (SCOPE) unit.  We hope you will find it useful and informative.

Should you wish to speak with any member of the staff team or have a general enquiry, please contact myself or the school office in person, by calling 01955 609990 or email Noss.Primary@highland.gov.uk or Fraser.Thomson@highland.gov.uk.

Yours sincerely,

Fraser Thomson


Noss Primary School and ELC