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Reflection on Placement

During the last 2 weeks I have been on placement in a local primary school. The two weeks were extremely enjoyable and make me really enthusiastic about starting this as a career. I was able to gather valuable experience and observations throughout my time there.

Throughout the two weeks I found that one of my strengths were confidence when working one to one with a pupil or with a small group. I was able to confidently sit down with the children and help with the tasks they were doing or read to them. the teacher I was observing also allowed me to take a small group and do artist tasks with them, this meant I had to plan the lesson and look out resources. I was successfully able to manage the lesson well and all the children seemed to enjoy it.

However a communication skill I thought I needed development is simplifying my language so younger children understand. I often found myself in a situation speaking to the children and using phrases and sentences that they have never heard of and not yet learned, this was a reoccurring event due to me being placed with primary 1s for the full two weeks. I realised after the first time I would need to really work on this and it was a weakness of mine. I also found myself giving them the answer instead of giving them enough time to answer if they were taking a while. I believe this will improve over time and experience.




The first week of university has been easier than expected however i am aware of the challenges ahead. i was really nervous before starting however now i am here and started the course i now see i was not the only person feeling this way, which has settles my nerves.

Todays lecture with Angela was lively and interactive, just as last weeks was. I was able to understand more about different aspects of communication and the importance of it.

I am looking forward to complete the rest of the module throughout the year and expand further on my understanding of communication and the ways it will contribute to my career.