P5 Cycling with Adventure Aberdeen

Some of our P5 girls were building their confidence on their bikes today with the help of Graham from Adventure Aberdeen.  They showed great resilience throughout the session, not giving up and trying really hard to learn some new skills.  Well done girls!



This week ( week starting 31st August) PE is on –

  • Thursday
  • Friday

Remember to wear your PE clothes to school and bring a jacket for light rain.


1st September Reading Homework


1st September for 4th September

The Lions- Jam Street Puzzle- Finish Book
The Bookworms- Sporting Hero- Finish Book
The Mice- Punk Smells Crisps – Whole Book
The Grasshoppers- Dinosaur Girl – Finish Book


Big Maths

In Big Maths this week our main focuses are –

1.   Partitioning numbers to 2 decimal places.

2.  6 times table.

3.  Adding numbers in 1000s.

4.  Adding  1 decimal place numbers- For example : 0.4 + 05 = 0.9


Term 1 Newsletter



Term 1


Welcome back to our first term of Primary 5.  It is lovely to see all the boys and girls looking so grown up and smart in their uniforms.  So far, P5 have shown that they are keen and ready to start learning in class again making brilliant progress with their P5 learning already.


In Maths this term we are looking at ‘Number Processes and the Number System’ in particular reading, ordering and using our numbers to 10,000. In addition to this we will also be looking at the area of measure.  We have already started to learn how to measure accurately in cm and mm.


In Language and Literacy we have started our new class novel ‘ The Demon Head Master’ by Gillian Cross.  We will also continue with our reading groups in conjunction with this.  Reading will be heard in class on a Tuesday with reading homework placed on our P5 ‘Google Classroom’.  Can I please ask that reading books come back in on a Friday ready to be ‘quarantined’ for 72 hours so that we can work with them again on the following Monday.  For spelling we will continue working with the ‘ Active Literacy’ scheme.  This means that we work on a three week cycle.  In week one and two the pupils will focus on a set of phoneme sounds and then on the third week they will focus on a set of age appropriate common words.  In writing, the pupils are learning how to write journals which allow them to reflect on their thoughts and feelings.


In Health and Wellbeing we are using the novel ‘Kid Normal’ by Greg James. We will be using this book as a stimulus for cross curricular activities with the main focus being on the emotions and feelings that are brought up in the story line.


Our PE days work on a two week ( Week A, Week B) rota this term.


PE times-


Week A – Thursday (with Mrs Webster) Friday ( Mrs Boyd )


Week B – Wednesday ( with Mrs Webster) and Friday ( with Mrs Boyd)


Week A-  term week 2, 4, 6, 8

Week B- term week 3, 5, 7


Additional Information-


Library-  Our library time is on a Wednesday, if any of the boys and girls would like to change their book for a new one they will get the opportunity to do this every Wednesday afternoon.


Drinking Water –  The shared water fountains in the corridors are out of use just now, however, the boys and girls have the opportunity to fill up their water bottles in class and can sit their bottle on their desk.


Week B- On a Wednesday ( Week B) Mrs Amato will be taking P5 for the day.