Day 7 of Spring Break – SUMMARISING QUESTIONS– Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation

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In your own words, as far as possible, give four reasons the writer presents in lines 35-46 in favour of maintaining traditional public libraries. (4)

Despite Google we Still Need Good Libraries
It may well be that public demand and technical change mean we no longer need the dense neighbourhood network of local libraries of yore. But our culture, local and universal, does demand strategically situated libraries where one can find the material that is too expensive for the ordinary person to buy, or too complex to find online. Such facilities are worth funding publicly because the return in informed citizenship and civic pride is far in excess of the money spent.

Libraries also have that undervalued resource—the trained librarian. The ultimate Achilles’ heel of the internet is that it presents every page of information as being equally valid, which is of course nonsense. The internet is cluttered with false information, or just plain junk. The library, with its collection honed and developed by experts, is a guarantee of the quality and veracity of the information contained therein, something that Google can never provide.

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  1. The writer has outlined 4 reasons as to why pubic libraries should remain in our towns:
    1. The library to an extent has free resources which the citizen can borrow unlike the internet where everything is bought.
    2. The library is simple in its methods. The internet can be complex and intimidating.
    3.. The library can educate the average person which is good for individual morale and that of the country’s economic stance.
    4.Having a qualified member of staff at the library will give people confidence in the material in the library. A guardian of the truth!

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