Day 5 of Spring Break – WORD CHOICE QUESTIONS – Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation

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This writer is appalled by the fact that the wearing of fur might be making a comeback.

Show how the writer’s word choice alerts you to her contempt for the wearers of fur. (2 marks)

While fur is obviously disgusting, it is also incredibly useful in that it alerts you to the fact that the person wearing it is a complete moron, without you having to waste time talking to them.



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  1. Technique – Word Choice
    ” Disgusting”
    Disgusting has connotations of revulsion and stomach churning vileness. This suggests that anyone wanting to wear fur must have a moral code that lacks any kind of human decency to the point that it would make other people feel nauseated just being in their company.

    Technique – Word Choice
    Moron has connotations of sub standard intelligence and playing the fool. This suggests that anyone wearing fur must also must also be intellectually challenged as they would not have the social awareness to comprehend the enormity that the death of an animal would have in order for them to wear what they want. It also suggests that only an idiot would wear fur in the current under populated wildlife climate.

    Technique – Word Choice
    Alert has connotations of being vigil, watching out and alarm. This suggests that a signal can be seen in the form of a fur wearer that this is someone to be regarded with suspicion and distaste. Being alerted to the fur wearer will also allow the spectator to be forewarned and therefore forearmed that there is no point in engaging with this person.

    1. Detailed answer Laney – well done. Consider cutting it back as you are giving more than you need 😊

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